Hi! I’ve been a Pagan and Polytheist for almost 15 years now. My work focuses on the research and development of Pagan and Polytheist philosophy. I’m analytically trained, but systematic in my approach and I have a thing for concision. But social media doesn’t do the trick for long, and every few years or so I have to stretch my mind out on a blog. You caught me at the right time! – and I hope each try is better than the last.

I’m going to blog about a lot of different things. Sometimes, it’ll be heartfelt and prayerful reflections on life. Other times, I’m going to explore Pagan or Polytheist ideas in ways that you may have never seen before. Still, other times, I’m honestly just going to be admiring a good or beautiful idea or tearing a bad one apart. Whatever the case, this blog will post on its own time and run for as long as it needs to. I hope y’all take something useful away from it.

All my works are consecrated to Asclepius: may this site be a source of your holy and healing presence.